Friday, 20 April 2007


So you wonder what some students from 5A did?

Imagine you are in a restaurant .... an Italian restaurant, called Pizza Express. The scene takes place in England, actually in London because I do love London!
So a waiter or waitress brings you the menu and you have to read it and make a choice.
Well, that's what they did with a genuine menu in their hands but as they were doing it for the first time they wrote their skit to act it.
As a matter of fact we decided to record it to have fun. Your fellow students heard their voice, hated it to start with and then realized how they spoke and tried to do their best to pronounce things properly and use the right intonation patterns. was really difficult!
Well, you will apologize them of course if it is far from being perfect and listen with forebearance! That's a try!





Saturday, 7 April 2007


This document is a video clip advertising for a language school called Berlitz.
We can see two characters in the scene: an old man and a young one. Both of them are German coast guards. It’s the young man’s first day at work and he is learning how to use the radio and how to watch the coast.
The old man leaves the room and the young man remains alone.
He receives a mayday call but he doesn’t understand what the Captain says in English. He looks lost and ill-at-ease.
The Captain says that they are sinking and he understands that they are thinking.
We can notice that the German has problems understanding and pronouncing. The man should work at his accent.
This ad is humorous because the coast guard is not conscious of the danger and continues talking.
It makes us realize that having a good accent is very important in communication.

Billel, Imenne, Chloé, Amélie, Manel, Julie, Sarah et Sabrine

Thursday, 22 February 2007


I would like to speak about the sky because to me it is a mystery. The sky can be blue and filled with clouds. When it is winter, there are snow flakes which fall from the sky and the temperature is very cold. When it is summer there are birds and the temperature is very hot. When it is night time, there are stars and the moon shines in the sky.



I love dancing because I feel a lot of sensations. There is also a competitive spirit. Music makes me move. The jury can be very strict.We are asked to do our hair in a bun. The choreographies are exciting. The leotard and the tutu are very beautiful. The movements are graceful.


I want to speak about mangas because I have liked them for a long time. Mangas are different from comic strips because they are read from right to left.

There are many categories: love stories, action, fantastic, supernatural or science fiction stories.

I know many titles : Bleach, Naruto, One piece, Samurai, Deeper Kyo...

The dialogues are written in balloons like in comic strips. Mangas are also broadcast on TV. In mangas there are many characters, we can discover as the story unfolds through the different books. I really like these characters.



I would like to speak about school because I think we are very lucky to study.

In England, pupils must wear a uniform whereas in France the pupils mustn't wear any. At school, pupils learn a lot of things. We can learn different languages for example: English, Spanish, German, latin and so on...

Thanks to what we learn at school, we will be able to get a job later.



I like sports because there is a competitive spirit. It gives new challenges. When I do a dangerous sport, I like taking risks. I really enjoy myself and I am very excited. Actually, I am keen on football.